Do you want to fall asleep tonight knowing that you helped to change someone’s life today?  If the answer is yes, please consider sponsoring an L-STEP Participant!  Our Spring 2017 semester has just begun with 11 participants.  The program is free to our participants and so we request your assistance in underwriting the cost.

The breakdown  for one participant is as follows:

Stipends        $300.00 ($10 per session, 30 sessions)

MetroCards   $165.00 ($5.00 MetroCard per session, 30 sessions)

Food               $  100.00 ($3.00 per meal, 30 meals + $10 Graduation)

Supplies         $  60.00 ($2.00 per session, 30 sessions)

Admin            $  25.00 

Total              $650.00

If you cannot sponsor the full cost of a participant, please consider sponsoring a portion of the cost, as outlined above.  Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss L-STEP volunteer and sponsorship opportunities!

Please CLICK HERE to donate now!