Xavier Mission Joins 100+ Organizations to Endorse ‘United to End Homelessness’ Platform

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Xavier Mission joined more than 100 organizations in endorsing the ‘United to End Homelessness’ Platform.  UEH is a coalition of advocates, homeless and formerly homeless individuals, service providers, faith leaders, and experts on the issue of homelessness in New York City whose mission is to highlight New York City’s homelessness crisis during the 2013 mayoral election.

UEH created a platform for the next mayor and city council, identifying three key steps to addressing and solving homelessness:

1) Make homelessness and affordable housing a top mayoral priority

2) Enact core policies to end homelessness

3) Create an interagency council on homelessness

Read the platform, including the specific steps outlined, here: United to End Homelessness Platform

If you are the head of an organization, endorse the platform here: Endorse the United to End Homelessness Platform