Walk-In Services

In addition to our ongoing programs, Xavier Mission responds to the needs of individuals who seek assistance on a walk-in basis with various emergency and non-emergency needs.

Lunch Bags

  • Available Monday-Saturday (while supplies last)
  • Please inquire at the reception desk at 55 West 15th St.


  • Emergency counseling is available for those in crisis.
  • Referrals are provided for additional counseling or other services as needed.
  • Ongoing case management is not provided except in rare occasions.
  • Please ask for the social work intern; if unavailable, please ask for the Executive Director.


  • Round-Trip MetroCards
    • Must provide proof of appointment (doctor, benefits, job interview, etc.).
    • Max. 4 per month.
  • Monthly MetroCards
    • Available on a very limited basis
    • Usually reserved for individuals who have just begun work or a training program.
    • Approval from the Executive Director is required.
  • Train/Bus tickets
    • Given on a case-by-case basis.
    • Approval from the Executive Director is required.
  • Please schedule an appointment with the social work intern ahead of time if possible; if unavailable, request the Executive Director.

Financial Assistance

  • Limited assistance is available for overdue rent, utilities, telephone, and other necessary expenses.
  • We do not offer assistance for cable or Internet access.
  • Payments are made directly to creditors.
  • Assistance should be considered one-time; payments can not be made on a continuing basis.
  • Please schedule an appointment with our social work intern and bring all supporting documentation for your request.
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