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Advancement Placement Exam Fees

In response to the unique challenges brought on by COVID-19, the DOE is extending coverage of AP exam fees for spring 2020 (including the late-testing window in June) to include all students. In prior years, the DOE has only covered the cost of AP exams for economically disadvantaged students. This year, the DOE will cover all base AP exam fees, which is the basic cost of the exam, and late order fees, while the College Board will waive all other fees, including canceled, unused, and late-testing fees. The College Board will not assess any fees for exams not taken in spring 2020. 

On March 20 the College Board announced it would be shifting all paper-based AP exams to online testing, which students may complete at home. A small number of AP courses will not have final online exams and will instead have a written paper or portfolio requirement that will be used to determine an exam score; a full list of exam offerings, testing schedule, and submission deadlines is available on the AP Coronavirus Updates page.

Tarifa de Examen de clasificación

En respuesta a los desafíos únicos planteados por COVID-19, el DOE extendiendo la cobertura de tarifas de los exámenes AP para la primavera de 2020 (incluyendo la ventana de exámenes finales en junio) para incluir a todos los estudiantes. En años anteriores, el DOE solo cubrió el costo de los exámenes AP para estudiantes con desventajas económicas. Este año, el DOE cubrirá todas las tarifas básicas del examen AP, que incluye el costo básico de examen y las tarifas de pedidos tardíos. El College Board cancelara el resto de tarifas, y no evaluará ninguna tarifa por los exámenes que no se tomaron en la primavera de 2020.

El 20 de marzo, el College Board anunció que cambiaría todos los exámenes AP en papel a exámenes en línea que los estudiantes pueden completar en casa. Algunos  cursos AP no tendrán exámenes finales en línea y en su lugar tendrán un requisito de ensayo escrito o portafolio  que se utilizará para determinar la calificación de un examen; una lista completa de las ofertas de exámenes, el calendario de examenes y los plazos de presentación están disponibles en AP Coronavirus Updates page.


为了应对COVID-19带来的独特挑战,教育局正在扩大免去2020年春季的AP考试费用(包括6月的后期测试时间),以涵盖所有学生。 在过去的几年中,DOE只承担了经济上处于劣势的学生的AP考试费用。 今年,教育局将支付所有基本的AP考试费用(这是考试的基本费用)和后期订购费用,而大学理事会将免除所有其他费用,包括已取消,未使用和后期测试的费用。 对于在2020年春季未参加的考试,大学理事会将不收取任何费用。

3月20日,大学理事会宣布将所有书面AP考试改为在线考试,学生可以在家中完成。 少数AP课程不会进行最终在线考试,而是有书面论文或习题要求,用于确定考试分数;AP Coronavirus Updates page页面上提供了完整的考试内容,考试时间表和提交截止日期列表。

  • Charter will offer free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access through June 30 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription and at any service level up to 100 Mbps.
    • Installation fees will be waived for new student households.
    • To enroll, call Spectrum at 844-488-8395.
    • Learn more here
  • Verizon is providing free internet for households with school-age children, as well as other learning tools and some premium TV channels offered to customers at no additional cost.

The NYC Department of Education will assist families that may need remote learning devices. Please fill out the surveys below if you need assistance.

For Children:

For Seniors:

DOROT’s University Without Walls offers hundreds of classes appealing to a wide range of interests, all available over the phone. New programs are added weekly to accommodate increased numbers of seniors who cannot attend programs in their community. To register, call (877) 819-9147 or email