Nothing can be accomplished on an empty stomach…

The Customer-Choice Food Pantry provides groceries to low-income families in a shopping-style environment. We distribute women’s and children’s clothing and household linens, and provide assistance with benefit programs and referrals to other services. When available, we have information about Medicare/Medicaid, private health insurance, government-issued cell phone services, and the Earned Income and school tax credits.

Pre-packaged bags of groceries are provided on an emergency basis during the week at the reception desk of the Church of St. Francis Xavier.

Each Year…



Days of Operation:
Emergency Pantry: Monday – Friday
Customer-Choice: 2nd Saturday of every month (Registration required)

Hours of Operation:
Emergency Pantry: 10:00am – 2:00pm
Customer-Choice: 9:30am – 11:30am (Doors open at 9:00am)

55 West 15th St., between 5th & 6th Aves.




Volunteer Shift:
2nd Saturday, 8:30am – 12:30pm

55 West 15th St., between 5th & 6th Aves.

Spanish- and Chinese-speaking volunteers are especially needed!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Many of our guests struggle with health issues and/or do not have access to reliable health care. If you have experienced any symptoms of illness within the last 14 days, please do NOT sign up to volunteer. If you need to cancel your shift, please do so rather than come in sick. Thank you for your consideration!


25% of what is handed out at Food Pantry is donated by generous people like you. We accept non-perishable food items, food-drive benefits and of course, monetary donations.

Can I make a monetary donation to the Food Pantry?

Absolutely! Please visit our Donation page for information about monetary donations.

Can I run a food drive to benefit the pantry?

Yes! It helps to offset our out-of-pocket costs for the pantry when we receive the proceeds of a food drive. There are two ways to do a drive:

  • Set up an online drive at www.YouGiveGoods.com (preferred method)! An online drive has many benefits to the organizer, the donors, and to Xavier Mission. They include:
    • Ease of communications: Information about our organization can be included on the food drive website so people can learn about who they are donating to. A link to the online drive can be easily disseminated to your entire email listserv for maximum participation.
    • Convenience: An online drive allows people to make a donation to cover the cost of specific food items without having to actually go out and buy the items, and without the organizer having to transport all of the items at the end of the drive. YouGiveGoods will deliver all of the food that was purchased directly to Xavier Mission!
    • Maximum effectiveness: An online drive allows the organizer to specify what food items are needed. This greatly helps Xavier Mission to manage our inventory and not end up with food items that we cannot use, that are damaged, or that are expired. Organizers can contact Xavier Mission to find out what items are most needed and include those items on the online list.
  • A traditional in-house food drive, where people drop off donations to a specified location.

Please contact the Director of Outreach if you would like to organize a food drive for Xavier Mission.

Can I donate food to the pantry?

We accept donations of non-perishable food items for the pantry. Please contact the Director of Outreach to find out what items are particularly needed.

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